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GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Authoring, Labeling and Distribution Software.

Not all hazard communication software systems are equal. When selecting compliance software, manufacturers should screen providers to ensure they have a track record of success. Software should be global, configurable to business-specific needs and flexible enough to grow and adapt. Implementing software and protocol that complies with, for example, the latest GHS regulations, can help tackle the challenges of hazard communication, but can also maximize supply chain efficiency.

Hazard communication standards – aka “workers’ right to know” – are designed to protect employees and the public. If humans are going to be exposed, HazCom standards dictate that they must be informed.

At the heart of these guidelines is the chemical or product manufacturer. As the upstream source of many downstream products, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to undertake hazard assessments and communicate those risks through SDS documents, appropriate hazard communication labeling and employee training. Manual processes can be cumbersome and unreliable, so technology — specifically hazard communication software solutions — is key. Our products cover:

  • SDS Authoring
  • SDS Management
  • SDS Distribution
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Chemical Data Management
  • Report Creation
  • Workflow Management
  • US and EU/CLP SDS Templates
  • ERP Integration
  • Data and Document Management
  • Global Hazard Communication

Right-sized Software Solutions for Chemical Regulatory Compliance.

Utilizing chemical data management and regulatory compliance software is now an integrated part of a successful business strategy, touching everything from procurement, R&D, EH&S, sales, marketing, to regulatory risk and compliance. Implementing the best-in-class tools for managing and leveraging a company’s chemical data — like WERCS Studio and WERCS eLite software — is crucial to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and beyond.

UL The Wercs offers the right-sized tools for chemical data management programs and regulatory compliance.  From out-of-the box software solutions that are ready to be used today to customized software packages that have the flexibility to add modules as business needs grow, we have the options to meet your company’s needs. We cover:

  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Substance Volume Tracking
  • SARA
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • TSCA Reform
  • SDS Authoring
  • SDS Consulting
  • Self-service GHS Compliance
  • SDS Management
  • SDS Distribution
  • SDS Translation
  • Chemical Data Management
  • Hazard Labeling
  • Transportation Classification

Minimize risk inherent in the supply chain with advanced software and secure online platforms.

Suppliers, manufacturers and retailers face inherent supply chain risk when material compliance data is incorrect, outdated or incomplete. UL The Wercs provides advanced software solutions, secure online platforms and extensive global regulatory advisory expertise to help reduce supply chain risk — all while safeguarding your brand.

Get true regulatory insight with supply chain sustainability and reporting tools. New regulations relating to safe handling, global transportation, storage, disposal, selling restrictions and point of origin (i.e., conflict minerals) are appearing at a staggering rate. Coupled with nuances in global language translation requirements, maintaining chemical regulatory and SDS compliance is becoming one of the most dynamic and challenging functions in many organizations. We have developed solutions to provide major corporations such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot with quick access to the most comprehensive supply chain sustainability information and regulatory compliance data, helping better enable today’s fast-paced, global trade. We offer:

  • Supply Chain Data Collection, Validation and Distribution
  • Product Regulatory Compliance
  • Conflict Minerals Data Collection, Interpretation and Management

Decision-support tools for consumers, manufacturers and retailers.

Decision-support tools like PurView and GoodGuide make it easy for manufacturers and retailers to instantly analyze and manage materials and product assortments based on configurable criteria — and have the ability to go beyond compliance to sustainability and product stewardship.

PurView is a comprehensive decision-support solution that enables manufacturers and retailers to collect, analyze, and manage supply chain sustainability against enterprise-specific and regulatory requirements. Use the information gathered from your supply chain to meet increasing consumer and regulatory demands for transparency.

Leverage data across complex, multi- level supply chains and make sustainability criteria available to buyers to monitor, manage and evaluate end-to-end sourcing.

The mission of GoodGuide is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. As more consumers are looking to choose products that contain ingredients with fewer health concerns, they look to a trusted partner for ratings guidance, resulting in over one million shopping decisions influenced by GoodGuide each month. Learn more  about how to get your product featured on GoodGuide now.

Global and diverse regulatory, technical and industry expert advice to help bridge the gap between your business resources and the growing challenges in materials compliance.

Whether you are a small business that needs compliance knowledge to grow, or a large corporation that needs surge capacity for yet the latest compliance deadline, UL The Wercs has the regulatory and scientific expertise, experienced staff, and automated systems to efficiently provide the regulatory advisory services you need.

Our Regulatory Advisory Services are uniquely positioned to serve as an extension of your EH&S department. Our global regulatory experts advance compliance and save you time and money. Additionally, many of our core services are offered in concert with WERCS Studio software. We cover:

  • Hazard Communication
  • REACH Registration Services
  • Toxicology Risk Assessments
  • Predictive Toxicology
  • Aquatic Toxicity
  • Regulatory Assurance Program

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  • Get a better grip on the hazards within hazard communications
  • Select and customize the best possible automated compliance system
  • Strengthen your overall regulatory approach, now and for the future

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